Thursday, October 7, 2010

University as Publisher

Please read the article from the current issue of the NEXTSpace newsletter from OCLC.

"The Future of Publishing: Libraries and the Changing Role of Creators and Consumers" by Andy Havens and Tom Storey. -NEXTSpace, August 2010, N0. 16, p.4-9.

The vast new world of publishing offers libraries some interesting new opportunities to connect with users and extend value to the communities. There new economical ways to connect and use new technologies to the communities we serving.

The library as publishers opens doors to local book manufacturing and delivery. The avenue between author and creator as editor and reader as consumer is very promising and special that proved by past cultural and educational experiences to walk side by side embedded librarians within digital revolution in modern technology, within national and international scholarly communication issues, and the new academic opportunities producing custom course materials (publisher on campus, course packs.)

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