Friday, February 8, 2013

Some People

"Some people seem to specialize
In doing thoughtful deeds.
Before you ask, they understand
Your problems and your needs.
They help because they want to,
They find joy in being kind,
And making others happy
Is the first thing on their minds.
They make this world a better place
By practicing the art
Of reaching out to others
And by going... from the heart."
Amanda Bradley

Monday, February 4, 2013

Are All your Books are About History of Fashion Accessories?

People ask me, if all my books are about history of fashion accessories? Yes, the books entitled "Socks: History and Present," "Gloves: History and Present," and "Dairy of the Handkerchief" are from the History of Fashion Accessories series. Soon is coming up a new book within this series entitled "The Chronology of Hats in Enjoyable Quotations."

Also there is a book that stands out among other, because it is written about burlap and jute. The book is about history of textile and is entitle "About Being able to Look GOOD in a Burlap Sack." The burlap applications are various, and it used even on the high-end fashion. The qualities of the fabric, it texture, and affordability are all great elements that attract the users to mix the old and new, the bold and bright colors, etc.

Shhhhh! The secret is out: the next book is about history and present of hats.

Red Hearts in February

JaNEWary past very fast, and we are already in February. There are many red hearts in February. Love and health of the human hearts are essential in February. What is a heart? From medical perspective a blood pump, "the viscus of cardiac muscle that maintains the circulation of blood." There are people with big hearts and great souls, and they are our role models that making our lives meaningful and pleasant. Also, there are people that called heartless, people without a heart, or people who have hearts from steel. As usual they are associated with mean, selfish people, who do not care about others. But once a year, we the people with red hearts have a possibility to reach out to other people with red hearts, to people with purple hearts, to people with small hearts, and to people with broken hearts. The miracle happens in FeBRUary. The hearts are taking over the soul, the hearts are commanding the mind and brain, people start to think with a heart or hearty, or heartily. Let's celebrate great hearts of our love ones, and spread the goodness of our hearts making life meaningful not only in FebBRUry, but all year around.