Thursday, April 12, 2018

Nursery Set of Boots and Bonnet

Baby boots

Baby boots are delicate, bright and bold;
pretty and practical in "Red Heart' pink yarn,
signaling the beautiful crochet gift is for the newborn girl.

Associations with nature

The set of nursery boots and bonnet in pink color
decorated with
white and pink flowers and a lady bug button 
 as a reflection on nature's call.

Crochet gifts for the nursery 

Of all the traditional crafts, crochet must be one
of the most versatile.
It could be used to make a wide range
of beautiful items,
including objects for the home,
clothing, jewelry, flowers, toys, and trimmings
for all types of other needlework.

Text, photography, and craft by Ida Tomshinsky
Copyrighted by IT, 2018

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Save the Oranges!

In Florida, beyond the beaches, theme parks, and condo districts there are the farms, ranches, and greenhouses. Florida is more famous for tourism, but not everybody knows that we are living in an agricultural state that is rated second in the nation. Florida is the nation’s top producer of oranges, sugar cane, sweet corn, and watermelons – and a major producer of tomatoes and other vegetables, strawberries, peanuts, and various other crops.

People say “an apple a day, keeps the doctors away.” March means getting in best shape and live a letter healthier live, by learning to make better choices with great food and exercises as the BFF. Mothers know best – “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Today orange juice is not for breakfast anymore. Young Americans who typically skip breakfast, preferring a carbonated soda, vitamin-enhanced water, and the expresso coffee.

For most of its 500-year history, Florida had been synonymous with the orange. Introduced in 1565 by Spanish settlers, citrus found Florida to provide the ideal environment for production. Not everyone knows that since the 1940s, Florida has ranked first in the United States’ orange and grapefruit production. In 1970s, citrus groves cover one million acres in Florida. Citrus canker disease was first detected in 1984. The infected trees were burned. Florida locals remember – government workers were going house by house and chopped off the beloved orange trees. The 1989 Christmas freeze practically wiped out orange groves along the north of Intersection 4. The beneficiaries of this disaster were Florida real estate developers, and Brazil replaced Florida as the world’s leading orange producer.

In 1995, citrus canker returned. Citrus greening disease is discovered in Homestead orange grove. Scientists are calling the new disease “canker on steroids.” Unfortunately, the citrus greening disease invaded all 32 citrus-producing countries. Sadly, the greening fight affects bees, another vital element associated with the battle to save the Florida orange trees. The citrus greening disease originated in China, in 1911. With the growth of global trade, the disease made its way to Americas. It was detected in Brazil, Florida, and spread to Texas and California. Natural science professionals race to find a cure. Today, scientists modifying orange trees with bacteria-destroying gene from a virus that contains both syntactic gene and strong organic gene from onion, spinach, and - even a pig.

The city’s youth do not know that as usual oranges ripen on the trees. Oranges are picked and shipped from the land to the order – oranges never warehoused. “Small things like drinking an orange juice with pulp or eating an apple is being received like a telephone call to your genes. Every thought, everything you eat, every single little thing can tweak your genes activity towards healing.” (Deepak Chopra)

So, what is happening in the naranja-land? Local scientists are working on replacing orange groves with peach orchards. All they have to learn is to develop the new peach varieties adapted to Florida’s short and warm winters. Blueberries also considered as an alternative crop. Today, Florida’s blueberries harvest topped $62 million, larger than that of Florida tangerines. Surprisingly, some farmers have taken an interest in producing olives.

What else? Almost half of the nation’s tomatoes are grown in Florida. Florida paths only California in strawberry production. Surprisingly, Florida is producing 20 % of sweet corn national market. Peanuts grow well in northern and central parts of the state. Would you believe that Florida is the nation’s number-one producer of watermelons? People often ask, where? In Panhandle, along the Gulf Coast, and in north-central Florida.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Ant and Dove: Aesops Fable

To proof the doves and pigeons are kind and carrying, let us turn to Aesop’s fable Ant and Dove. An ant went to a fountain to quench his thirst and, tumbling in, was almost drowned. But a dove that happened to be sitting on a neighboring tree saw the ant's danger and, plucking off a leaf, let it drop into the water before him. The ant mounting upon it, was presently wafted safely ashore. Just at that time, a fowler was spreading his net and was in the act of enmeshing the dove, when the ant, observing his object, bit the man’s heel. This made the man drop his net and the dove, aroused to a sense of it danger, flew safely away. The timeless story has a moral: one good turn deserves another. “One act of kindness, how small is ever wasted.” (Aesop, N.d.)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Little Tiger From the Jungle

Photographer: Ida Tomshinsky

Birdscaping Your Garden

Growing native plants means to provide native food and shelter to attract certain species of the geographical zone within someone is living. How to get from landscape to birdscape? Then ask more questions?
  • Are these plants for birds to hide? Songbirds need protective cover from potential enemies, such as cats, snakes, and hawks
  • Are these places for birds to nest? Birds would come during the breeding season, if there are inviting places to nest, such as trees, shrubs, hedges, brambles
  • Are these shelters areas protect them from enemies and weather conditions? Evergreens against the walls and fences will protect will them from cold, wind, and rain
  • Is there food and water? Natural food sources are coming from flower nectar, grass seed-heads, fruits, berries, diversity of plants that attract insects. Plus, to provide an access to a small pool, pound or puddle will accommodate the needs of thirsty birds

Sunday, February 4, 2018

3-Projects for the Nursery

Bonnet and Boots for the Little Boy:
Rustic Country Style coordinated
in Brown and Green

Once upon a time there was a mom
who was expected a boy, and
these little boots were a perfect gift
for the little boy soon to come
and to be welcomed by the family

Baby Blanket with an Ornament

Warm Soft Brown Bonnet Decorated
with Green Border to Adjust the Size
and 2+2 Lady Bugs for Each Side

Warm Baby Boots

Little Wild Flower

'Little Wild Flower' - Photographer: Ida Tomshinsky
Everybody knows the life starts from seeds.
It took more then few months
to develop the climbing wine
that took over the fence.
The thick green leaves created this mini oasis -
the home for lizards and green iguanas.
The green leaves are comfortably
taking the sun bath, stretching, and growing
by overcoming few optical on their own: 
the drastic fall of temperature, cold winds,
 and the neighbor's  lawn machine.
And finally, the award -
the little wild flower.