Saturday, October 16, 2010

Premier Speech

"So many faces, so many memories..."

I just came from a historical event - the IFAC reunion 2010. If I would have a chance to say a speech, I would acknowledge the IFAC educational journey and the beginning of the new tradition to celebrate the honorable IFAC institution that factually does not exist anymore.
In my opinion, it makes this event special and unique!
For me, it felt almost like looking back in a retrospective order by watching a good documentary story. Many of the alumni lived the American fantasy dream to use their enthusiasm, creativity and individual talents to acquire professional skills for the betterment of our society, our home-town Miami and the other new places in where many of the alumni moved on with their careers and lives as serving the great Greek God Apollo, the God of sun, light, art, science and healing.

Using the national cultural analogy, the talented young people followed "the yellow brick road" from Wizard of Oz, and reunited with old friends: Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion, befriend with kindly Pumkinhead. IFAC brought to everybody, respectfully, brain, heart and courage.

When I came to work for IFAC, I felt as an Alice in the Wonderland that went "down the Rabbit Hole" and on my journey, I met you all: The White Rabbit, The Queen of Hearts, The King of Hearts, The Duchess, the Dodo, The Lory, The Duck, The Pat, The Turtle, and the Dormouse.

And in the end of my speech, I would thank all hosts and hostesses for the beautiful evening and would thank The Porter's family for hospitality: "Today's event was all about the IFAC's forty years that shacked the true international fine arts community locally, in Miami, and beyond it that based on fundamentals of strong respect and reputation of the past, and I am sure, each guest looks in the future with optimism, with the Miami style, because the power of trinity of the past, presents and future is in separate."

October 16, 2010 IT


Marjolijn said...

Very nicely said Ms. Tomshinsky. It was wonderful seeing you, you haven't changed one bit. Can't wait to read your book!

LRC Digital Newsletter said...
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LRC Digital Newsletter said...

Did you see the pictures?

LRC Digital Newsletter said...

Thank you, dear.
I am very glad to see that you all, young adults, keeping your friendships and boundaries!
It was a beautiful evening and I am slowly adjusting to the glut of visual information.