Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Grace and Glory of Homemade

Spring's bold and brilliant gems:
newest fashion accessories' hotspots in pictures.
Welcome to the Centre of Attention!

Tropical oasis lounging iconic fashion entertainment
with endless possibilities

Distinguished couture headpieces and other artifacts

Floral rubelite with gold on green emeralds

Signature chapeau

From accents to retro twists and master pieces
Prices upon request.
Craft and Photography by Ida Tomshinsky, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Our Library

Our small-room library with shelves and books
Says, “Welcome to Our Library!”
And far more magical than it looks
There is fairy like databases of vary
Books, eBooks, hundreds of thousands of books.
The Library without reader
Looks very bitter:
Library staff saving a soul,
Defending from the black hole.
Hateful, fearful
Struggling and grinding -
Use education
For Liberation!
Office, home, work, library,
Learning, reading, typing:
Cautious, ambitious,
Then comes success:
Building the habit of study and growing
Researching till reach the knowing,
Because everybody can search for a dolphin or elf,
By learning the best and be themselves.
Please encourage students with wit
Telling them not to quit!
Ida Tomshinsky@2016

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Arrival of Spring

The arrival of spring makes
Everything sing.
Shining sun brings on a thawing.
Trees have the spring zing,
And green leaves are outstanding.
Colorful flowers wood ring,
Bees sting,
Welcoming rains’ ping-ding.
The birds are busy to wing and sing –
Children outside play and swing.
All together wellspring, wellspring!
(Tomshinsky, 2017)
Photo (Tomshinsky, 2017)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

"Spring Has Sprung" photography
(Tomshinsky, 2017)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

April - The Month of Celebrations

April is the champion month among the annual celebrations. The spring is coming with traditional and cultural celebrations with family and friends.

The Earth Day is such an opportunity to clean the local areas, to plant a few trees and bushes, and to garden as saying 'thank you' to our planet Earth, the motherland to humans.

April is the National Jazz Month and National Poetry Month. April is also the National Library Month, and many libraries celebrate the entire month or the whole day with amazing library services. The creative schedules include music, poetry advocacy, and reading celebrations in the events and activities. Both reading and information literacy are life-long learning skills.

Sooner or later we have to face who we are in the world around us. We have to respond. Eventually, we have to speak from the truest parts of ourselves and to articulate a mysterious aspect of the imagination. In the end, we attempt a moment of realization in the simple act of creation, or the stunning power of a well-written idea. And so, people tell stories and write poems to keep awe and aspiration of hopeful lives to bright the light in each other's hearts.

On a spring rainy day, without an umbrella, dance to the music and you will see that your words may shine!

"In my dreams,
I am in the meadows,
Very low, low in the grass,
Surrounded by sky,
Very close to the Earth,
I can hear the bees.
I can hear the breeze.
Every bird sings for me.
Mother Earth, I am yours,
A good girl, and a listener!"
Essay, photo, and lyrics by Ida Tomshinsky, 2013-2017

Friday, April 7, 2017

Law and Fashion

One of the samples of  "Law and Fashion" interaction would be the 1634 law passed by the governors of Massachusetts. The sumptuary law was forbidding the colonists from making or buying any cloth with lace, gold tread, embroidery, or ruffs. Other unsuitable items included: large decorative shoe ornaments; beaver fur hats or showy feathered hats, thick garters, perfumed gloves, multiple rings or pearl necklaces.

In 1639 another law was passed. This law forbade colonists from dressing above their station in large breeches, broad-shouldered tops, ruffles, wide boots or silk scarves.

In addition, short sleeves and long hair worn loose were banned as signs of immorality.

The famous Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel "The Scarlet Letter" (1850) is based on historic facts, including a 1694 law of Salem, Massachusetts, that forced adulterers to wear a capital letter "A" that was two inches long, made from different-colored cloth and stitched into the arms or backs of their clothing.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Birds Foretell the Changing Seasons

Birds can foretell the changing seasons by their northward and southward migrations. If someone does not have access to local meteorologist, it is okay – people still have the birds.

About 140 million years ago, the creature called Archaeopteryx had skeleton characteristics identical to small dinosaurs that lived during that same time. This creature also had toothed jaw and feathers that allowed the Archaeopteryx move from place to place ‘transporting’ through branches. Some scientists believe that Archaeopteryx is the evolutionary link between dinosaurs and what today we identify as birds. Today on Earth, birds are the only creatures that have feathers. Feathers, as well called plumage, are responsible for birds’ ability to fly, regulate birds’ temperature and provide physical protection, while giving birds their shape and color.

Some people like to watch them, other like to feed them, many enjoy the amazing unique bird-songs. There are various relationships between people and birds. There are farmers who are making a living by retail and wholesale of birds; buying, raising, and loving birds. Also, there are some people who are hunting or catching birds for various reasons from food for dinner to living with birds as pets.