Thursday, July 29, 2010

In July

Summer time, everybody very kind.
I watered my mind
And spelled the story one of a kind
By read indoors
And “sit down a spell” outdoors.
Sit down at the porch,
Get the best bench.
Wild oats in golden crowns
Send me the welcome greetings,
Sea grapes dressed in green dresses
Taking photography classes
Ready for the summer parade,
Yellow daisies and purple vines
Compliment the green environment
Birds are taking risk management
Avoiding the ambush cats
And showing up in visual arts.
In the practicalities
Of self-deliverance,
Envision the greenery dance.
Move with wind
And use some ink.
Ida Tomshinsky © 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wild Oats

The early guests
Meet and greet
By beautiful wild oats,
Those stand six feet tall
Accessorized in golden crowns
And simply guarding the ocean.
It literary steers my emotion.
“Hello, my dear,
How are yah,” –
“Hanging out with birds and cats.

Those are taking my breath away.
I cherish to convey."
Ida Tomshinsky © 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Digital Resources

eBooks Library Collections are a growing part of the research process in the academic libraries. Adopting to the digital resources demonstrates advantages in the areas of accessibility, functionality and cost-effectiveness. Just imagine, instead of going through the hassle of tracking down a specific work of inquiry and checking it out, eBooks provide an easily access in your own convenience and leisure. eBooks are great for research: cover to cover, plus print rules.
Even the print books are still preferred for heavy reading, instant access to information is increasingly important and advantageous. You do not need to wait for eBooks to be returned to the Library. It is faster to find specific information by using search option instead of flip-flopping pages.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Keep Watching the Skies

Keep watching the skies,
See things from the outer space
The heaping roller coaster race,
Hot air balloon dangerous tricks
Making travelers to risk;
Imagine the prehistoric monsters,
Learn about Texas rangers,
Look for lost satellites
Or notable railroad tunnels;
Find the discarded lunar rovers.
Examine, engage, and explore –
Just follow the flow
From rails across American Dixie
To Solar System galaxy.
Keep on watching the skies
And the full moon at nights
Perhaps, you will look at the star
And play a little guitar;
Start play one song only for you
Start sing and play
The song of truth
From my youth.
2010 © Ida Tomshinsky

Michael Connelly Books

The NINE DRAGONS paperback is coming out one week from today in the USA & Canada.

Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly
Official web site of Michael Connelly, bestselling author of mysteries, thrillers, and the Harry Bosch LAPD detective series.

I am a fan of Michael Connelly, and always advertise his books in our Library at ITT Tech Institute in Miami. Here it comes, enjoy the new book "Nine Dragons."