Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cats for All Seasons

Through we did not know this fact, cats are rather hardy creatures. They are able to meet the changing seasons with robust metabolism are shrewd about finding both warm places in the winter and cool spots in the summer.
In spring, we lose them a bit due to the spring once again, as birds and bugs and blossoms take their thoughts elsewhere.
On another hand, whatever the time of year, wherever we are, we know that a home is always a cozier place with a cat on your lap.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Paperback Collection

The list of bibliography of my mini paperback collection include bestsellers such as The Simple Truth by David Baldacci, Judge & Jury by James Patterson, The Brethren by John Grisham, and John Sandford's Dead Watch, Silent Prey, and Certain Prey.
Pulse-pounding, page-turning excitement from the stories turned out to be superb reading and great entertainment worth losing sleep over.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Mother and Me

I am on vacation.
I spend my quality time with my mother: from formal breakfasts in the morning to a great library collection of books from my childhood in my possession.
Unexpected to me, our conversations are very current, fresh, and up-to-date. I live in a different rhythm and enjoy the slowly mornings very much. Such a difference in the days passing by when you practically do not watch the time, take everything easy, and do not hurry up!
I feel very privileged to share the time with my mother.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Book Review for M. Johnson's "This Book Is Overdue!"

I almost finished reading my new book on library science titled "This Book Is Overdue!" by Marilyn Johnson. The first chapters kept my imagination as my expectations for the book contest was high. It was a high interest for both fields of librarianship, the traditional house of books and the cyber virtual resources, from my side.
During the past forty years, I worked in the different areas of traditional libraries and admire the virtual libraries for their endless possibilities. I wanted more long - deserved credits for the librarian behind the desk for the all-knowing information and, simply, for the willingness to help people in the world of ignorance, selfishness and, sometimes, bad customer services.
The author, Marilyn Johnsons, likes libraries and librarians for their services, but the book is written from a patron perspective as an active user of information and endless library resources, as a way to thank people of our profession for incredible service and the excellence overall for the work ethics as cultural servants in our society and for keeping the planet on our shoulders and for trying "to save us all." This part of the book is interesting.
I think that my disappointment will be understand by librarians. Personally me, I do not care about avatar and the "reincarnation" characters that building libraries in the process of the games online.
Hopefully, a new book is somewhere on the way to tell the fascinated story in the wide range of career development and career exploration - the endless opportunities to work with books in print and e-books, and information literacy, and the incredible help provided to our library users.
Obviously, it is a good beginning in recognition our profession. One more point, it is remarkable that the new book came out in the time when we are celebrating the National Library Month. Happy Librarians Week, the Librarians' nation!