Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Happy Morning Moments

For me, the happy morning moments start with a great cup of coffee. The aromatic smell of the deliciousness of exceptional beverage such as coffee brings a smile on my face, not to mention energy and satisfaction of the morning. How much energy? Enough to bring this moment of simple happiness, and harmony too between the mind and the body.

Of course, making coffee is not cooking, but it is wright for me to put on my apron and use my favorite coffee mug to make the transition from kitchen to the table.

My laptop is in front of me, and I can enjoy the happy morning moments.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

An Apron

We all noticed chefs in our favorite restaurant, at one point or another. We recognize them by their signature hats and chef aprons. Chefs have used cooking aprons for a countless number of years. Not only is it the attire-of-choice at many high-end restaurants, but also the chef aprons are the functional accessory to their wardrobe.
Chefs wear cooking aprons for several reasons. In the kitchen, an apron is worn below knee-length to prevent burns from spillage. If hot water, oil, or any other liquid spilled onto it, the apron can be quickly removed to minimize burns and injuries. They also have pockets to carry utensils from one part of the kitchen to another. Chef aprons serve a variety of purposes and most of us will admit that chefs wearing cooking aprons have a more professional look.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Kitchen Affairs

Traditionally, the kitchen was always the central part in our house where people come together in an informal way: talk, have a bite, and watch how something aromatic and colorful is sizzling on the pan. Breakfasts, lunches and snacks are accessible, but when we have our family time and family-style celebrations, we all gather around the table. And how we are celebrating? We are celebrating with food. We celebrate according to the tradition with friends and family, food and style: fĂȘte de la gastronomy! Nobody will argue that preparation to the festivities is as important as celebration itself. The preparation plan in reality is an action plan that includes the what, when, and for how many.

The kitchen is for giggles and ribbons, and icing-smudged hugs in ruffled aprons, and for a home-made cake-bake for weddings, showers, graduations, Mother’s days, and birthdays, and any party time too, to start the little stomach rumbling dance. As usual parties involve lots of planning and prep, cleanup and cooking – right? In many cases that’s true.

Apron from a cotton shopping bag from Springer

I do not have a sewing machine in my household. The apron below I stitched by hand from a cotton shopping bag that was given away by Springer Publishing company which I picked up at one of the conferences as a given away freebie. I liked the sophisticated enough graphics in the mirrored pattern. The minimalism of black letters with a dash of orange and the strong accent of the Springer’s logo that includes the head of a horse has the modern look. All I did, was tear apart the material on the both sides of the bag, and made one piece of rectangular fabric long enough to make a half-size apron, added the bag’s handles as strings for both sides and decorated each side with a vintage button. I decorated the bottom part of the apron with a vintage orange trim to highlight the graphics’ accent of the letterings', and creased the waist area. It came out a beauty!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mother's Apron

"The greatest of the treasures
That old apron can hold,
Was the endless love from Mother
And everlasting ability to each fold."

(Mother's Apron, n. d.)