Saturday, October 23, 2010


She came home with red chrysanthemum, a plant with red showy flowers. She was overwhelmed with the attention and respect from co-workers. Her cheeks turned red. People say, "the kindest hearts expect no reward and deserve it all the more."
So, what is the key to her success and popularity? -

"Well, success comes in different faces.

It is always a race.

Everybody has his own case

To get advanced and raise.

Hard work and integrity,

Great goals for the prosperity.

I say it professionally, and literary:

It is only in "Webster's Dictionary"

Success comes before work." IT

Such a warm October day! A sunny afternoon embellishes the chain of events. The lady in black pants and black-and-white blouse was overwhelmed. Her appreciation notes were unfolded in her purse. I could not see her face, it was covered in red chrysanthemum, a plant with red showy flowers.

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