Friday, January 2, 2015

Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask

Part I

Behind the mask is a woman’s beautiful face

She wears the mask with grace

Behind the mask

Is an image of bask

Behind the mask are the hidden eyes

They do not behold the lies.

Her body and mind stands for a trailer of pride

Coming from tempest’s of secrets inside.

The carnival mask is a tool of play,

An instrument to obey

Like the play – ‘hide and seek’

She turned invisible for the trick.

The mask, the protective gear, and a set-up trap

Is a run-up prelude

To an attractive mood.

Behind the mask

Is me, so do not ask,

You can trust –

The temptations do not rust.

Beneath the cover-up mask,

Is the Dear Ms. Don’t Ask,

Her star-light of the green eyes

Sharper than ice

With power to confuse and seduce at once,

Do not try to ask twice!


Part II

My dear Ms. Don’t Ask,

Take-off the pompous mask.

The kindly eyes don’t lie,

Just try.

Sweetheart, trust –

You must!!

I can turn my darling in the butterfly!

I promise, we will fly

Very high,

In the sky!

Don’t be shy!

O’ my!

Dance, dance away into the night,

Everything will be all right!

Music is making my heart skip the bit.

Let’s drink for the wit

And friendship’s commit!

 2014 © Ida Tomshinsky