Monday, October 18, 2010

University Life

University life at the university
Is not the same as at the municipal city,
It has it's own style and rhythm.

Day -by-day you study,
Time - to- time you party.
Body language
Will help to connect with friends from any majors,
Body knowledge
Will own you personal wages.

Choices, decisions making,
Time management, and professional judgement
Will teach you social issues.
Assessment of any case studies
Will make you sharper
And street smart-er.

You test yourself every day
In a classroom and outside it
To become a good citizen
With parents foundation and academic diploma.

Remember your best training years
At the student's city,
The university;
This is your beginning and start
To get on the road
And walk, and work.

Walk, and work more,
Because the road is endless.

Ida Tomshinsky, c. 2005

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