Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sun and Wind

"In Miami, ordinary days are always victorious
And filled with the same warmness and gentleness;
The summer is endless for us -
Fulfilled with triumph and kindness…

In the hot summer time the King of Sun
Rules until the hurricanes season –
Taking time off for disputes
And following the fable from Aesop –
The Sun argues.

The mighty Wind from the far seas
Blows on trees
And throws,
And sways
The branches and leaves.

Miamians hurry indoors
And looking for water, ice, and shelters;
Then, barricading the homes,
And waiting and waiting for the contest victors.
People try their best as the Wind might.

Every year we learn more –
Easier influence masses
With kindness and gentleness
Then with force and war!"

by Ida Tomshinsky

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