Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nature Icon Takes On Estate

I tried to go a little more unexpected with our warm- weather destination.
This is a summer journey in the land of 'what if...'
From the old-fashion notion to actual evidence is always floating around in the ether.
Those sunny, promise-filled days of summer are finally upon us.
There are a little bit of escapism for everyone.
Cheers to that!

New look: garden party tips.
An installation pays homage to the flavors of summer.
The quiet burgeoning scene: outdoor accessories from fashion insider.
Photographer and text: Ida Tomshinsky, 2017

Summer Muse

The unexpected time-warp joys
of the summer-ready essentials updates
After the warm summer rain
sexy mushrooms are everywhere.
The brown, white and green
proved to be the colors of Earth.
The craft story grows;
photo exhibit celebrates Ida Tomshinsky,
original's authentic quiet genius.

The secrets of the mystery garden.
Hidden gems for craft lovers.
For the latest in style, tradition, culture and luxury.
Photographer and text: Ida Tomshinsky, 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017

Outfits vs. Fashion Accessories

No outfit was complete without accessories by 18th-century middle- and lower-class women. There were two types of gowns: the open robe and the closed robe.

Accessories included neckwear, gloves, pockets, masks, pocketbooks, redicules (handbags), muffs, and pocket watches.

Suntans were not at all fashionable in these early time! Women desire their skin to look as white and spotless as porcelain. They took great care to protect their faces from sun and wind by wearing masks. Green silk masks prevented sunburns in summer, and black silk or velvet masks kept the face warm in winter. In a way, the silk masks played the role of the modern sunglasses.

Fashion was modesty oriented. Women did not feel comfortable wearing the low-cut dresses in the 18th-century. For this reason, it was a trend to wear neck accessories and kerchiefs to cover up the neck and upper chest. Neckwear pieces were also practical and used to stay warm on cold days.

Fans was an important accessory for a woman to keep them cool on a hot summer day. These portable air-conditioners were often decorated with beautiful designs. Also the fans were a tool of communication and were used for flirting.

Protection of the hands led to the necessity to use gloves and carry muffs. Both gloves and muffs protect the hands from sun and wind, and kept the hands warm during the cold winters.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Chick and the Duckling: A Story for Younger Children

A Duckling hatches out of its egg.
"I'm hatched!" he says.

"Me, too!" says the Chick.

"I'm going for a walk," says the Duckling.
"Me, too," says the Chick.

"I'm digging a hole," says the Duckling.
"Me, too," says the Chick.

"I've got a worm," says the Duckling.
"Me, too," says the Chick.

"I've got a butterfly," says the Duckling.
"Me, too," says the Chick.

"I want to swim," says the Duckling.
"Me, too, says the Chick.

"Look, I'm swimming!" says the Duckling.
"Me, too," shouts the Chick.

The Duckling pulled the Chick out of the pond.

"I'm going in again," says the Duckling.
"No me," says the Chick.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Sun and Wind

In Miami, ordinary days are always victorious
And filled with the same warmness and gentleness;
The summer is endless for us -
Fulfilled with triumph and hospitality kindness...

In the hot summer time the King of Sun
Rules until the hurricane season,
Taking time off for disputes
And following the fable from Aesop -
The Sun argues.

The mighty Wind from the far seas
Blows on trees
And throws,
And sways
The branches and leaves.

'Miamians' hurry indoors;
looking for water, ice, and shelters;
Then barricading the homes,
And waiting, and waiting for the contest's victors.
People try the their best at the Wind might.

Every year we learn more
The easier influence masses
With kindness and gentleness
Then with force and war!

IT, 2007

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fashion and Poetry

What could be in the world of Fashion and Poetry that unite them in one entity?
The answer is short - the Majesty Inspiration. Both Fashion and Poetry are siblings and have one parent called Arts. To create a successful peace of art, we need inspiration, the muse that feeds the creative process of  art and design.

There are endless interactions a muse can take - a truly wonderful day, Greek goddess, fairy-tale princess, woman, celebrity, artist, slogan or motto, or combination of things and events.
There are many studies that include samples of fashion inspiration from the first couturier Charles Frederick Worth and his wife; Elsa Schiaparelli and the Surrealists; Yves Saint Laurent and Piet Mondrian; Oleg Cassini and Jaqueline Kennedy; Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy.

For example, Alexander McQueen's crafty carryalls have inspirational equation of a Celtic prayer-cloth tree plus friendship bracelets and plus 18-th century British needlepoint. Another sample from contemporary fashion could be the Miu Miu's plushie stompers. Add a dog collar plus Paris Hilton and plus Elmo, and the summary illustrates the season's most memorable accessories.

A truck with an advertising slogan passed by and made strong statement, but what if we take these words and describe something else by telling a new story and in the way we creating new information? As a result, a poem is born out of the inspiration of few words. For example:
"Dorothy was right, no place like home for solders in fight that making the heroic flight..." (IT, 2007)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

They Come! The Merry Summer Months

They come! the merry summer months
of beauty, song, and flowers;
The come! the gladsome months that bring
thick leafiness to bowers.
Up, up, my heart! and walk abroad; fling cark
and care aside;
Seek silent hills, or rest thyself where peaceful
waters glide;
Or, underneath the shadow vast of patriarchal
Scan through its leaves the cloudless sky in rapt

(William Motherwell, fragment from the poem
"They Come! The Merry Summer Months")