Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Sunlight and rain water, air and soil -a tree is made from these. They are the magic ingredients that transform a tiny seed into the mightiest tree.
Man uses trees in countless ways, from eating their fruits to using their wood to build his home, for making musical instruments, baseball bats, paper, and cellophane.
One of the truly important benefits received from trees is the beauty they bring to our lives. Most people have a favorite tree, and almost all the states have chosen a special one as a symbol. Often this choice is decided by school children. Children vote to decided which tree should be the State Tree.
Trees are like most people are. By looking at many trees, you will find that individual trees vary as much as people do.
One of my favorite local trees is Sabal Palmetto, the cabbage palmetto.The giant fan-shaped leaf is divided into many pointed strips. The tiny greenish flowers grow on long sprays among the leaves.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

On Journalism and Journalists

We are living in a fascinated time!
Technology is changing the forms in which the news delivered to the public - so rapidly that it could be frightening. Companies hiring people to deal on certain levels of technology, the companies invested and obtain, not always the best and latest. The vast of technology to choose from is competitive.
The economics of journalism is not the same in many parts of the industry.
A new ethical scandal emerges at a major news organization just about every month.
Summarizing what was said above, technology, economics, and ethics standards are in movement and in process of developments that are going in more than one direction.
With the advent of the Internet possibilities, the number of people practicing journalism is growing exponentially.
And this all means, it's a good story itself!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What is a Rolodex?
Rolodex is a desktop rotary card index with removable cards, usually used for names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
With the new technology, the Microsoft Outlook and mobile phones, the role of the rotary card index is diminished. As we entering into the second decade of 21st Century, they are vintage antique. Just a few years ago there were no virtual social networks, no synchronized address books, and no smartphones. But people had social contacts and phones, and they had to organize thousands of contacts, or have a Rolodex.
On another hand, they had a long life, never taken a sick day in it's life; they still exist, but just barely. Places still sell them.
Statistically, the Facebook member aspires to have approximately three hundred friends. The Rolodex can allow to held up to six-thousand of index cards.
Rolodex is a testament to personal relationships and personal history. Rolodex is "an injured reserved list." Rolodex is a nostalgia of a wheel of life coming out of the fifties, and becoming a mature icon of the 80s. Now, thirty years after, they served good and ready to retire in the other category - the vintage antique.

Monday, January 3, 2011


It is not late to celebrate
The love with chocolate!
The recipe for luscious sweets
Will help to cook the truffles
With heavy cream and cocoa powder.
Freshly made chocolate power
Will boil two hearts over the high heat
For the lovers to meet.
The temperature rises, -
"I love you to pieces!"
Go, bring the Grand Marnier
Or any other liqueur
To celebrate sweet hearts!
The chocolate always works:
You whisper loving words...
A kiss, a bite, a zip.
Everybody has an excellent time
With the chocolate of mine.
"Did you try this line?"

by Ida Tomshinsky for The Hungry Muse... an Exploration of Food in Literature
the 29th Annual Key West Literary Seminar

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Hungry Muse

"The Hungry Muse" is an exploration of food in literature that includes a four-day seminar sessions at historic San Carlos Institute at Key West. This event could be a nice place to spend time in January 6-16, 2011.
The 29th annual Key West Literary Seminar offers a world-class menu of premier food writers-critics Frank Bruni and Jonathan Gold; historian Mark Kurlansky; Southern Foodways Alliance head John T. Edge; Gastronomica founder Darra Goldstein; organic farmer David Mas Masumoto; chefs Michael Ruhlman and Molly O'Neil; memoirists, novelists, poets...

And as Ida says:

"You emphasize your imagery
Putting you energy
Into the nation's playground
Washing it up with orange juice." I.T.

from "Vision of Paradise", ca 2006.