Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On the Beach in the Fall Time

When you come from the highland
To the ocean side island,
There is always a breeze
That moves the leaves.

The aroma of the single wild flower
From the sand dunes
Brings strength and irresistible power
To sprint with Atlantic tunes.

Embrace with the greatest joy
The morning walks to employ
At the sand space
That is overgrowing with grace.

Absolutely forget about any pain!
The blood is running through the main vein.
The ocean helps to keep calm
And strong as palm.

The wind passes
And shakes the tall grasses.
The morning rays of sun
Learn to move fast, almost run.

The sky gets black.
The clouds are moving forward and back.
I am running away,
To come again, the next day.

After all, it is not bore,
Beach is full of life at the Surfside shore.
Please come to Miami Beach in fall
To experience the great entertaining in whole!

The weather matters for every guest,
As they are coming to us to rest.
The Miami itself is a gem
That admired by them.

For a moment, please, freeze!
Listen to the breeze,
The conductor of the Miami’s century old trees,
And the evergreen leaves.

Ida Tomshinsky, October

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