Friday, October 15, 2010

Manicurist Dorena and Sidney Shelton Book

Here is little story. Yesterday, I was walking through my neighborhood. We have a lot of beauty salons and many dry cleaners in the business district. I wanted to make my nails fast without waiting in line - to get in and out quickly as I have to be at work in noon. So, I went in to the first place. Oops, they only accepted cash. I went to another place, and they offered me to come in one hour ping-ponging me from one person to another. OK, not a big deal, I walked out from one salon and walked in into another. God bless them, all three people came toward to meet and to great me. The manicurist Dorena in a fastest way made my hands beautiful.

I cannot stop thinking about the simple and good customer service at Nina's and the cultural aspect of the employees. Next to the nail polish supplies I spotted a book, a feminine novel by Sidney Shelton titled "The Other Side of the Midnight." We are living today in the digital world. It felt simply good to have a gleam of the information literacy in action. Our conversation became professional between a Librarian and a Library Patron as we discussed how to get a rare book through Interlibrary Loan. Darena said that she knows she can download and read this book in an e-book format online, but she wants to have her own hardcopy. Dorena likes to buy her novels, and she owns a personal Library Collection that is overgrown. I suggested that she may like to donate a part of her collection to a local public library at Miami Dade Public Library System.

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