Monday, February 27, 2017

The ABC Parade

A          is for Atom
             the friend of man.
      B           is for the Badge,
                   my big brother has.
C           is for the Chief
              I will be some day!
      D           is for Doctor
                    our greatest friend.
E           is for Earth,
             that is big and round.
      F           is for Fire-Engine,
                   that is bright red.
G           is for the Grapes
             that are so sweet.
      H          is for Heart
                   that is happy and loved.
I            is for Ice-Cream
             I like to eat.
       J           is for Jet Plane
                   high in the sky.
K          is for Keys,
             my mommy has.
       L          for the Lamb,
                   with white and soft curls.
M         is for Moon
             shining by night.
      N          is for Necktie:
                   please tie it for me.
O         is for Oak-Tree,
            two hundred years old.
      P          is for Parade,
                  watching TV in Thanksgiving day.
Q         for the Quins:
            Jane, Jen, Jean,
            June and Joan.
      R         for the Rocket
                  going to the Moon.
S          is for the Sea
            blue and deep.
      T          is for the Tiger
                  with orange stripes.
U         is for Umbrella
            to use in the rain.
     V         is for the Vegetables;
                 let us pick some for lunch.
W        is for Water
            fresh and good.
      X         is for X-Roads;
                 which way shall we go?
Y         is for the Year
            with twelve happy months.
      Z          is for the Zipper,
                  my white sweater has.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Necklaces and Body Paint

The southeast of North America is flat, warm, and humid, and it contains many thick forests, subtropical lands, and swamps that are home to a wide variety of plants and animals. Before the arrival of European settlers, it was also home to hundreds of different native tribes who fished, hunted, and farmed.

The unique hot climate caused them to develop light clothing styles and decorative body paints.
shells, wooden beads, pearls, feathers and precious, imported cooper. The higher their status, the more valuable the ornaments they wore. Many people tattooed themselves with patterns inspired by nature. They also painted their bodies with red body paint made from bloodroot and oils to protect themselves from insects.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Strategic Planning

"Where there is no vision, the people perish." (Proverbs, 29:18)

How to move from Traditional planning to Strategic planning:

The new resolutions for 2017 were set. The short-term annual goals and the long-term goals were said and wrote down. Let started with the simple step moving on from Random planning to Systematic planning. Second step, from Reactive decision making to Proactive decision making, and from Incremental evaluation to Synoptic evaluation in the line with bringing your isolated (individual or departmental) decision making priorities with team decision making and organizational mission. Why? Because everyone is the mission-maker. We cannot guess the results. However, we can predict the results by strategic planning and evaluating all possible outcomes.

As Winston Churchill said: "It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see."

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Green Cover for the new book "Bracelets Academy"

From the Author desk...
The new book in the History of Fashion Accessories Series is published and available for reading, research, and critique. The cover is green that is reflecting on the staple illustration. I could not be more happy with the color of green. Green color has the signal-system code for permission, the authorization to go and get the book to read! Also it is the nature call to the green spaces, environmental protection and ecology that foster the natural metals and precious stones for bracelets, the major factor for wrist ornamentation.

In contemporary Western societies, the color of green represents the opposite of negative attitudes of being envy and jealous, it enhances hope, health, and freedom. The material culture brings in the power of green color together with other colors of rainbow, awakening both the artistic creation and the imagination. (Tomshinsky, 2017)

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