Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8: Fascinated by Gulls

The seagulls fascinate me

As they fly from ocean to sea,

Very high

In the sky.

The gulls bring me a smile and delight,

And some within depth of any storm fight.

The gentle strangers

Are the earth angels.

When I was a young girl,

I wished I could sour

From the seashore

Through the air with seagulls and whirl.

It is fun to watch the graceful birds,

As they sail over the blue waters.

It stirs my emotion

By captured imagination.

The carefree birds call

Is anything but boring at all,

And for this, "Thank you, gulls! -

I got you a plastic bag with bread-crumbs."

I learned, what we should give and make,

Not, what we can take.

Every day brings me the light from the darkness

And inner grace of the rightness.

Poem written by Ida Tomshinsky (2007)

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