Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7: One Early Morning

One early morning

I was outside running.

The sun was out, high and bright,

The sunglasses were on, just right.


How great is outdoor -

Urban escape

For my mind and body to shape.

A little bit of wind breeze,

A little bit of shadow from the trees.

A little bit of purple flower.

A little bit of warm shower.

Plip, drop,

Drip, drop.


Sea grapes, I command you to grow!

I would like to stay

In the splatter of rain.

Meantime, no more drops.

The tropical rain stops.

My cloth is wet.

My curls are flat

On early morning,

Playing and celebrating

Life overall, my neighborhood

without umbrella and hood.

No sadness, no misery, just happily,

With a little bit of melancholy.

Ida Tomshinsky (1953-)/ United States -Latvia

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