Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19: Nothing like Blue

If you only could see,

Blue is the color of the sea.

Sea is like the sky,

Sky is blue, too.

When I look in your eyes

I can see the real true.

The blue eyes' reflections

Hiding the truth.

Nothing is cleaner like the blue.

The rain can be blue, too.

Happy laughter is blue.

There are many shades of blue:

Royal blue, aqua blue,

Clear heavenly light blue.

My goodness! A dress for success

For my princess is blue -true, very true.

Blue mountains, the ora of Earth,

The road to Heaven is always blue.

Nothing is like blue.

Did you see a blue flower?

These flowers are hidden

In a beautiful garden.

Children, clean souls,

They are watching out for the Earth

And the blues.

Nothing is like blue.

Ida Tomshinsky, 2005

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