Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1: Welcome to Poetry Month

Welcome to Poetry Month. For the next thirty days, I will offer a poem each day, and I hope you will enjoy, comment, share, and pass along the works you love to others who may want to read them.
"Cats on the Tree" by Ida Tomshinsky

There are these trees on the beach,

Grove of trees in a bunch,

You know, the ones that shook by the wind

And painted by sun in green ink.

Their big size leaves shelter the cats.

I speak for the rats,

"Cats on the tree,

Don't mistake them with flying bee."

Above the table and bench,

Peacefully roosted on the branch

Cats occupying the tree;

And this is the essential key -

The trees, the ones that shock by the wind

And painted by sun in green ink.

These cats do not know

The nature's flow.

That they are NOT the tweedy birds,

By any odds.

Pretty picture for observance,

Sin on, and enjoy the tree residence.

Unusual assembly

Will demise untimely.

Rest your eye on

Until it still go on!

2010 IT

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