Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16: Butterfly Fly

On the hot summer day

A beautiful colorful butterfly

Fly, fly, fly...

Sometimes, in the end of the working day

My thoughts about life

Getting wings and fly.

Are you ready to listen?

I will teach you to try.

I will share the secret, you try!

You do not need to have wings to try.

In my dreams, on the nice summer night

I will fly

Like a beautiful colorful butterfly.

Are you still here and listen?

Now, you can try!

Don't be afraid and try.

Anyone can fly.

The road-map is the blue sky.

Think big and fly.

You born to be free

Like a butterfly.

You are beautiful on any tree,

You are colorful with your presents.

It is too soon to say good-bye

Before the fly.

You will be back, my butterfly.

Ida Tomshinsky. "Butterfly Fly." - Poetry or Poe-Tree: Owings Mills, MD: Watermark Press, p. 25-26, 2006.

ISBN 0795185685

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