Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12: Dragon Rain

Blimps, blimps, blimps...

The Dragon Rain washed away

The dirty clouds from his tail,

And its rain, rain, rain...

The tropical rain left round saucers of prints

On the black asphalt to rinse

And blimps, blimps, blimps...

The King of Sky is refreshed and reborn.

He is breathing clean air and triumph.

Oomph, oomph, oomph...

By making up the chemical elements for all

And showing up the craftsmanship

Of small geometric water pools

Of clean water and fresh air to shift.

The Dragon Rain sends

Birds to the hole-nests,

Ants to the plant-ship,

Me - under the roof.

Oomph, oomph, oomph...

Blimps, blimps, blimps...

A nice summer afternoon

As it's purring to bloom.

p. 28 "Dragon Rain"

From the poetry book "Fascinated by Gulls: Poems" by Ida Tomshinsky. -2007

Review: "Simple, brave, and creative from potential to realization..." (Dr. Cahn)

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