Thursday, December 4, 2008

Style Guide

"The Chicago Manual of Style" advises the following
style of writing in the Style Guide
  • a.m., p.m. -lowercase with periods
  • DVD-capitalize
  • e-mail-hyphenate
  • home page-two words
  • Internet-capitalize
  • intranet-lowercase
  • numbers-spell out numbers from one to one hundred, round numbers, and numbers at the beginning of a sentence, numerals in an address, with percentages, money and dates
  • online-one word, lowercase, do not hyphenate
  • percentages-use the numeral, followed by the word percent (e.g., 50 percent)
  • URL-capitalize
  • Web site, Web page -each is two words. Web is capitalized
  • World Wide Web-three words, capitalize. Use the Web on second reference

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