Monday, December 15, 2008

December Activities

There are two main activities at the LRC. Both are concentrated on spotlighting the Virtual Library. Professor Javier Sanchez Rodriguez adopted the poster idea to advertise "Ask-A-Librarian" feature for the class project in Photoshop CS3, and professor Silvio Sanchez will use this blog "to spice up it" with his students in the Media Graphic Production course.

Richard Perez is a Multimedia student and a work-study student in the LRC. Last Friday, he used his creativity and humor to merge the Virtual Library's interface design with Google interface. What he did not know that the Googleganger phenomenon was reported by Newsweek magazine in October 2007. The term "Googleganger" is now being used to refer to a "virtual double" that exists only on the Internet. (Nextspace, N0. 10, 2008, p. 9.)

My point is that our online library is based on academic resources to support educational programs. "To google" information is all right, but the information you find on Google is not always on academic level. There are commercial, recreational, exploration type, and other sort of information. The Google Scholastic database is more direct and includes information and library resources from major national universities. We are living in a digital age in the 21st century. It is easy to focus on conversion of analog materials into digital formats, such as Google's mass book digitization project. You can visit and see that Google has reached a groundbreaking agreement with authors and publishers. The includes divisions for fiction, non-fiction, random subjects, and magazines.

Our students who are born in late eighties or in nineteen ninety represent the "Google Generation." They study, work and play on the Web. They spend more time online than offline. The good news are that we are not very far away. Our staff and faculty members are using digital tools as well - from PCs and laptops to cell phones, digital cameras, and other devices. We are connected to one another and to the Web on a daily working day base.

Once again, the ITT Technical Institutes' Virtual Library proved itself to be at the edge of the technology. When your library resources are at the tips of your fingers and available 24/7, the role of the Learning Recourse Center is changing to a crossover between information educational center, meeting point, hangout spot and place of leisure.

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