Friday, December 5, 2008

Brief Memo: Requests for General Education

List of LRC Acquisition for WQ'08:

Professor V. Pino requested a book for the LRC's Library Collection -
  1. "Brief Calculus" by R. Larson: 8th/Ed. - 2007. $126.36

This could be a new addition for the acquisition list for the Winter Quarter 2008 (WQ'08.)

In addition, we should add the following books:

  1. "Gray's Anatomy" by Henry Gray 2007 $29.98
  2. "A Guide to Matlab: for Beginners and Experienced Users" by Brian R. Hunt 2006 $27.98

Professor Robert Powell requested for the LRC audio-visual collection-

1. "The Best of the First 48": DVD Set $19.99

Books for CJ Library Collection:

1. "The Color of Guilt and Innocence: Racial Profiling and Police Practices in America" by Steve Holbert and Lisa Rose $34.30

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