Monday, December 8, 2008

LRC in Review: Top Library Story 2008

The 2008 year will be remembered as the year of change. On September 30, the LRC had been packed and prepared to move to the new location. The books were placed to store in the faculty lounge room together with other faculty materials. Later on, the LRC’s boxes moved to the student lounge room. The students were limited to access the traditional library collection. Meantime, bingo, students and faculty were using the online digital resources at the famous ITT Technical Institute’s Virtual Library. We did not cut much-needed support, did not reduce the hours, or close library's doors. The good Samaritans put the computer network back in use. Sometimes, you have to suffer a little bit, to make things run better in the future. We patiently waited for the construction work to be continued and to turn our Learning Resource Center into spectacular place, “the Empire" of the local campus. The quotation belongs to the campus Director, Mr. R. Hayward.

Then, October passed, and November passed, too. The Fall Quarter 2008 came to the end and its finals, too. On December 1, the first day of Winter Quarter, the construction workers came to work on the LRC renovation and the Student Internet Café. The remodeling will have the great ramification on both the learning center and education.

No secret, that the library has been helping people for a long time. Positioning ourselves as means of providing help in confusing information world, digital and otherwise, is another big win. The up-to-date LRC will have a powerful chance to demonstrate to our students and faculty members the library resources and services. The LRC will facilitate its use in a new environment for many years to come.

After all, the value of any library is in return.

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