Friday, August 8, 2014

Apron from a cotton shopping bag from Springer

I do not have a sewing machine in my household. The apron below I stitched by hand from a cotton shopping bag that was given away by Springer Publishing company which I picked up at one of the conferences as a given away freebie. I liked the sophisticated enough graphics in the mirrored pattern. The minimalism of black letters with a dash of orange and the strong accent of the Springer’s logo that includes the head of a horse has the modern look. All I did, was tear apart the material on the both sides of the bag, and made one piece of rectangular fabric long enough to make a half-size apron, added the bag’s handles as strings for both sides and decorated each side with a vintage button. I decorated the bottom part of the apron with a vintage orange trim to highlight the graphics’ accent of the letterings', and creased the waist area. It came out a beauty!

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