Monday, August 11, 2014

An Apron

We all noticed chefs in our favorite restaurant, at one point or another. We recognize them by their signature hats and chef aprons. Chefs have used cooking aprons for a countless number of years. Not only is it the attire-of-choice at many high-end restaurants, but also the chef aprons are the functional accessory to their wardrobe.
Chefs wear cooking aprons for several reasons. In the kitchen, an apron is worn below knee-length to prevent burns from spillage. If hot water, oil, or any other liquid spilled onto it, the apron can be quickly removed to minimize burns and injuries. They also have pockets to carry utensils from one part of the kitchen to another. Chef aprons serve a variety of purposes and most of us will admit that chefs wearing cooking aprons have a more professional look.

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