Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sea Grapes Have a Story

I found a local haven
Right here, in zone eleven,
At golden sand of South Florida beaches
And Caribbean Islands features.

A haven under sprawling shrubs -
Sea grapes of Eden guarded by cherubs.
Purplish fruits, grape - like clusters
Framed by large leaves, "the dinner sauces."

Under the sun, my entire head turns gray as I age.
The entire sea grapes' leaves turn purple and red as they age.
We both unable to survive the frost
Making from tropical days the most.

We both compete for shade at the beach edges.
I enjoy eating the fruit right off the branches.
Chew and eat,
Spit the pit.

I am cooking jams and jelly
To invite my friends and family!
Heavenly sweet and lovely pulp
In every sea grape syrupy gulp!

by Ida Tomshinsky

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