Sunday, November 7, 2010

Deerskin Dress Gloves

Gloves, gloves, gloves. We do not use them in Miami because of the weather condition. Sometimes, when it get cooler, between November and February, you can see children in gloves.

The era of opera gloves, expired in 50s. Some costumes include gloves. Working gloves have different purpose and different history.
But generally, gloves or mittens have a natural purpose to keep our hands warm, save, and protective from cold and harm.

Leather or deerskin dress gloves were a staple of a refined Victorian wardrobe, the finishing touch for any outfit. Slip your hands into a pair of butter smooth dress gloves and you will likely refuse to take them off! Dress gloves are featuring traditional styling suitable for men and ladies, and as any fine gloves are unlined for a trim elegant fit.
Ladies' Emporium is the brand name for authentic products and old-fashioned service. Bench-made in USA of fine American deerskin, the dress gloves are available in sizes 6 to 11. As usual, they are available in black and in chocolate brown.

How to find your glove size? It is pretty simple. You measure around your dominant hand at the widest part, excluding your thumb. The measurement in inches is your size, and if you have long fingers, you may need to round up.

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