Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mammoth and Other Diminished

There are things that simply disappearing such as opera gloves, training bras, traditional letter writing, 5 o'clock tea time, soap bars, shaving brushes to work in the shaving cream, shoe polishing cream, etc. You got the idea.

Professions or careers are disappearing too. For example, travel agents, cashiers, phone based customer service support, bank tellers, and, the entire business of accounting, plus, web site programming are endangered spices.

In the distant future, a very small percentage of people employed as cashiers right now will be able to keep their jobs. In the past century, the phone customer service and tech support 800-lines were moved overseas. Unfortunately, this trend is going to continue. Digital banking will drive tellers out of business. New modern applications are advancing in software technology and to build an e-commerce web site is not a big deal anymore.

It is hard to imaging, but the brick and mortar libraries have competition. E-books, e-publications and other e-resources will be more and more easy access online or download on special kindle like devices. Therefore, the need for traditional librarians will be greatly diminished.

More people prefer to read and write in digital format and that will reduce the printing business as it will have less customers. Newspaper delivery might disappear, bookstores will be only for gift ideas and special occasion business.

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