Thursday, November 11, 2010


The first ten days are behind, and the people who successfully joined the National November Writing Month contest again or for the first time should be done by 30% of total 100%.
To write a novel is completely different from any other major forms of literarure, it is not a piece of a flash fiction literature or an essay. Also, it is not a short story.

"NaNoWriMo," -
Says my memo.
What is a Nanowrimo?
Is it a promo?
Is it a rhino?
Is it a hippo?
How far is it from Limpopo?
Perhaps, ten thousand miles and more.
No, it is the November novel writing month!
Are you ready to take a writing chance?
Get ready, my friends,
Sharpen your brain, no need of any pens,
Use the modern trend
From the intro to the end.
In Florida, we have the MiMo
And a baby rhino,
The pink flamingo
And several places to play bingo.
The dark hair bimbo
Dances the rumba.
Rhika and Rocco
Came from Morocco.
Look, they smile in my promo,
Drinking the mocha.
What we learn that Nanowrimo
Is not a rainbow,
Is not a hippo
From Limpopo,
Is not a coco
From Morocco
Instead of run after the kite
Let's get ready to write!
2009-2010 IT

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