Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Rain

Unusually, this March started cold -
Nature’s fold –
Chills and snow,
Plus, north winds blow.

Unfortunately, this made
The tropical Florida weather wag,
Moving the air human and dry,
Even the grass got yellow, almost to cry

For a spring rain
Awaiting for following rain
On the plain,
Waiting for the spring rain.

Until yesterday, the wind came –
Nobody to blame –
Pushing the clouds over the sun,
Making the dark sky run.

The spring rain as a trained combat
Moved dark-at-night on the land sat.
The electricity and traffic cut down
Making the dry leaves drown.

The spring rain purring down
And taking down the dust
Leaving the grass in a clean touchdown
Creating the freshness trust.

At eight a. m., I am outside
Sponging the after rain air of Surfside,
Swinging the beach after the rain
Again, again, and all over again.

Written on the 1st day of Spring
March 20, 2009

© Ida Tomshinsky

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