Monday, March 30, 2009

Bring Your Sneakers to Work

This will be three years as we are welcoming our HIT program. The excitement of offering the Health Information Management education program continues to present.
In 2007 and 2008, we came up with initiative to celebrate the Health and Fitness Month that traditionally had been celebrated nationally wise, every year, in March.

Students and faculty members will continue to learn a combination of facts and information on healthy diets and physical exercises.

Let us continue to move on in the right direction. Let us “Bring the Sneakers to Work” for one day in March and participate in 3-mile run!

In Miami, as usual, March is not the hottest month, and we can do it in our large parking lot by using it for the sprint distance - the two magic circles around the building. Running or walking will make the event active, positively motivated, and fun.

Running and jugging help to reduce stress and keep every individual healthy.

Date: March 31
Time: 3 pm-4pm
Contact: Douglas Smith or Ida Tomshinsky
Refreshments will be served

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