Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eco-Friendly School Supplies

Soybeans aren’t just for tofu anymore―these days crayons are made out of them, too. Get ready to go green this fall with planet-friendly school supplies.
1. Soy crayons. Nontoxic Prang Fun Pro Soybean Crayons are made from soybean oil. $1 for eight, stubbypencilstudio.com
2. Paper stationery. Elephant Pooh makes odor-free (promise!) journals with paper made from pulped and processed dung. $9, gxonlinestore.org
3. Biodegradable pens. These corn pens disintegrate completely about a year after they are thrown away. $2, grassrootsstore.com
Learn How to Remove Crayon, Glue and More Kid Stains at Real Simple.
4. Reusable sandwich bags. Pack lunches in Wrap-N-Mat, cotton and non-PVC-vinyl–lined bags. $7, reusablebags.com
5. Recycled scissors. Kleen Earth scissors have black handles that are made from recycled plastic. $8, amazon.com
6. Adhesive paste. This glue by Coccoina, made of potato starch, works on paper and fabric. Plus, it is solvent-free and smells like almonds. $8, grassrootsstore.com
This info was brought to you from online Real Simple Magazine, Wed, March 4, 2009

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