Thursday, January 29, 2009

Strengths of the Virtual Library

It is very important that faculty and staff familiarize with the current up-to-date resources and services that are provided by the Virtual Library. This communication will integrate the ACICS standard (ACICS-3-4-404) that encourages faculty to "inspire, motivate, and direct student usage of library resources." Faculty and staff are in the position of influence. Their advocacy and promotion of the library resources are effecting the academic success of students.

Congratulation to the faculty members who literary are "bombarding" our students with assignments from the Virtual Library! This quarter, I would like to single out Mr. C. Albury for making sure that every student followed the Virtual Library assignment and Mr. F. Martinez for the best practice of usage the digital library resources. Your efforts are above satisfaction!

Our computers installed. Thanks to Manual Hernandez, they are running well! Good job, Manny!

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