Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Four Seasons of Trees

At the summertime,
In the instant era of sublime,
Every green tree
Is entertaining me.

The urban trees voyage
Of fall architectural foliage
Brings intense colors and engaging in both
In sculptural, and in anatomical forms.

Winter air with transparency breeze
Makes my evergreen trees to freeze.
Leafless standing beauty of form and mind
Stretches my imagination to remind

That rains and winds will pass by, in behind.
Early spring sun will shine very kind
Letting my trees to grow,
Letting the baby leaves glow.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to attend
The Four Seasons of Trees,
The successful play off annual show-end.
Ms. Universe Tree’s judges,

For a moment, stock between lifetime claim
Of duel finalists of two trees,
Palm or Pine tree beauty’s fame.
The excitement increases.

The jury delivers scientific news:
Officially, Palm tree is a shrub.
So, please, walk a side to the Palm Tree Club.”

Finally, the crown goes to the Pine tree.

Hugs and kisses,
In addition, best wishes
To the evergreen graceful Pine tree.
There are no any objections from me.

2008-2009 © IT

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