Sunday, January 18, 2009

Public Space

The Library's public space is an important part of overall vision to enrich human spirit and to provide opportunities for solitude and reflection.

The LRC at ITT Technical Institute in Miami is in making due to college remodeling. The Learning Research Center is more then shelves of books and sets of digital databases online. The LRC is not only about computer workstations. Students and faculty come to use the library's multimedia in LRC. And there is more, the expectation to use the LRC not only as an information center but also as a public space. The LRC is an important part of the college community center where the students and faculty meet and communicate.

The remodeled LRC's public space will contribute to college community by providing the opportunities to study individually and in groups. The active use of the LRC as a public space places the library at the center of public life and supports life-long learning.

The Library staff welcome and encourage students and faculty to make the best of the public space for various educational and research needs -
  • to utilize the library resources,
  • to take advantage of the library services,
  • to explore the reference services on campus and online (Ask-A-Librarian services by chat or by e-mail),
  • to participate in LRC activities and outreach programs,
  • to fulfill curriculum projects and course assignments, and
  • to join the cultural celebrations in the LRC.

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