Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Report to the Obama-Biden Transition Team

The American Library Association Washington Office prepared a report on the library community’s key issues and concerns, Opening the “Window to a Larger World”: Libraries’ Role in Changing America (PDF file), and submitted it to the Obama-Biden transition team on December 17. The Washington Office hopes to continue this open dialogue with the administration over the next four years....

- libraries are "helping Americans get back to work"
- libraries are a sole source of "no-fee access to the Internet for 73 percent of Americans"
- libraries still shine on as traditional " sanctuaries of learning" - a safe place for children
- "Americans are using libraries now more than ever"
- Librarians take very seriously their responsibility to "serve as guardians for the public in assuring access to the most trusted, unbiased information."
...from Report to President Obama-Vice-President Biden Transition Team, December 17, 2008, American Library Association

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