Thursday, November 13, 2008

Third Millennium Library

Third Millennium Library

The 21st century modern library
Is both wordy and worldly
Because of the bookshelves of books
And website Internet
That allows easily and fast outlooks
To connect,
To modern concepts and ideas,
To understand different topics
That helps users to get the extras
From basic fundamentals to classics –
In history and mathematics,
Culture and ethics.
Every moment that spends in the library
Enhances the books’ lovers daily boundary
Of science and business,
News frontiers and economics,
Novels, poems, novellas,
Architectural sketches,
Caricatures and other bellas
We are enjoying,
Let us have a fantastic beginning!
We are rethinking
The daring journey of reading!
In the “De la Libra”
“L” stands for Lea
So, see yah,
At the Libreria!

2008 © Ida Tomshinsky


Mickey said...

A blog whose time has come!

LRC Digital Newsletter said...

Thank you, Mickey, for your ackowledgment of my new blog and the "librarian" poem.
Also, you was the Visitor #1 of the "LRC Digital Newsletter."
Talk to you soon!