Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For This Student - It is Multimedia All the Way!


For Oneika Williams, the ITT Technical Institute’s Multimedia Program was a logical and carefully chosen field of study. After graduating a local high school in Miami, she decided to go to another side of the country to Hawaiian University. She was majoring in Computer Programming. She studied basic Japanese and Korean languages.

Oneika always were coming to school more early before the class start and spent a lot of time in the LRC. The peace of mind was also important for Oneika, who is comfortable by fact that “the library provides students with a gathering place that is computerized and supports their interest in gaming and programming.

One day, the Dean, Dr. K., invited Oneika to work for the LRC as a work-study student. As most of young adults’ students, Oneika likes computer games because they include the elements of computer programming. She always has a book with her for reading. She reads historical novels, biographies, nonfiction documentary stories on Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome civilizations. Oneika Williams not only likes to read, she also likes to write. She was writing novels since middle school time. Recently, she participated in the International Novel Contest that is held every year in November.

For her capstone project, she decided to do a project on Anime. She already started the early research by preparing herself for a successful final project. By now, it is her secret, and we will learn about it later on.

For Oneika, the Multimedia and LRC are two for one experience all the way!

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