Wednesday, November 26, 2008

American Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am very thankful for great happenings in the LRC. Thanks to the "Good Samaritans "that put the computer networking back together, students continue to use the LRC's multimedia. Thanks to the faculty members that assigned variety of topics for information research, our students brushed up the Virtual Library's browsing skills. This quarter, the extended appreciation went to the CNS/ISS program, in general, and, particularly, to two instructors - Mr. Vince Sanchez and Eddy Ruiz. They are the champions of the FQ'08 Virtual Library usage!

"American Thanksgiving"

Yellow, red, and crimson
Are the colors of fall.
As usual, we gather
At our Thanksgiving’s tables
For pumpkins and apples.
And then there is more
In celebration
The miracles of fall:
Songs and poems presentations
Beside cookies and pies preparation.
The Mayflower’s history
Tells the pilgrims’ story.
Fall foliage
Is appreciated by person of any age.
A crunchy apple,
And yellow maple
Make autumn awesome!
Yellow, red and crimson…
I cannot stop thinking -
It is time to start giving
Like Johnny Appleseed.
We all can start to proceed.
Do not be afraid
To get aid!
Roll up your sleeves
And lead volunteers
To contribute to activities
In our communities!
There are time and talents
To help others
On Thanksgiving Days
In many different ways;
And then it will be more -
The help will come from every door.

2006 © Ida Tomshinsky

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