Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2008-2009 Goals and Objectives


1. Providing Information Literacy for General Educational and Professional Academic Programs

by recognizing the value of ongoing assimilation for study and learning process
by preserving the knowledge in the field
by targeting the “literacy challenge” in navigating throughout the assortment of digital resources at the Virtual Library to individuals with limited functional literacy or informational skills
by develop partnership with faculty members in reinforcing the value of information literacy
by using variety of instructional methods and emerging modern technologies for keeping current in the field
by integrating information literacy exercises into classroom time presentations

2. Normalizing the Access Services in the New Remodeled Facility for LRC

by settling in the new remodeled facility
by providing equitable access service to information and library services educational resources in a variety of formats, for students, and for faculty members
by continuing build the Library Collection on campus with emphases to new growing programs and up-dating the established programs
by creating inter-departmental connections and initiatives
by recognizing that value is in return

3. Providing Advocacy for Learning Resource Center (LRC) and the Profession

by variety of cultural and educational outreach programs and activities
by making the library experience always positive and rewarding
by raising the customer service bar
by considering the LRC the “third place” after home and work before the class start
by continuing education for professional development
by better interdepartmental communication

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