Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Birds Foretell the Changing Seasons

Birds can foretell the changing seasons by their northward and southward migrations. If someone does not have access to local meteorologist, it is okay – people still have the birds.

About 140 million years ago, the creature called Archaeopteryx had skeleton characteristics identical to small dinosaurs that lived during that same time. This creature also had toothed jaw and feathers that allowed the Archaeopteryx move from place to place ‘transporting’ through branches. Some scientists believe that Archaeopteryx is the evolutionary link between dinosaurs and what today we identify as birds. Today on Earth, birds are the only creatures that have feathers. Feathers, as well called plumage, are responsible for birds’ ability to fly, regulate birds’ temperature and provide physical protection, while giving birds their shape and color.

Some people like to watch them, other like to feed them, many enjoy the amazing unique bird-songs. There are various relationships between people and birds. There are farmers who are making a living by retail and wholesale of birds; buying, raising, and loving birds. Also, there are some people who are hunting or catching birds for various reasons from food for dinner to living with birds as pets.

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