Friday, March 31, 2017

One-year After Publishing "Bags & Purses"

On March 19 was 1-year celebration since the book entitled
 "Bags & Purses: The Story of Chic and Practicality" was published
by Florida Author Miss Ida Tomshinsky.

The book is concentrated on fun and interesting facts about handbags, their history, design, collections and even museums. The book has color illustrations and include a deep research in the subject matter. Students and faculty of staple fashion accessory programs will find a selective list of handbag designers' biographies and their accomplishments. Fashion enthusiasts will never look on any type of a handbag or purse the same way - knowledge is power. These of you, who follow the author, are enjoying now all eight books within the History of Fashion Accessories Series.

I would like to thank the readers and fans. Special thanks to people who send me illustrations and photos of the 'special' handbags that are kept in their families. As the new facts and information will be collected and obtained, the 2nd edition will be followed.

The book could be purchased at,,, and local bookstores. For multiply copies for the libraries and universities' bookstores,
please call today at 1-888-795-4274.

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