Saturday, April 15, 2017

April - The Month of Celebrations

April is the champion month among the annual celebrations. The spring is coming with traditional and cultural celebrations with family and friends.

The Earth Day is such an opportunity to clean the local areas, to plant a few trees and bushes, and to garden as saying 'thank you' to our planet Earth, the motherland to humans.

April is the National Jazz Month and National Poetry Month. April is also the National Library Month, and many libraries celebrate the entire month or the whole day with amazing library services. The creative schedules include music, poetry advocacy, and reading celebrations in the events and activities. Both reading and information literacy are life-long learning skills.

Sooner or later we have to face who we are in the world around us. We have to respond. Eventually, we have to speak from the truest parts of ourselves and to articulate a mysterious aspect of the imagination. In the end, we attempt a moment of realization in the simple act of creation, or the stunning power of a well-written idea. And so, people tell stories and write poems to keep awe and aspiration of hopeful lives to bright the light in each other's hearts.

On a spring rainy day, without an umbrella, dance to the music and you will see that your words may shine!

"In my dreams,
I am in the meadows,
Very low, low in the grass,
Surrounded by sky,
Very close to the Earth,
I can hear the bees.
I can hear the breeze.
Every bird sings for me.
Mother Earth, I am yours,
A good girl, and a listener!"
Essay, photo, and lyrics by Ida Tomshinsky, 2013-2017

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