Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mango Streets in Miami

We are in the mid-February. I am writing from Miami, the southern tip of tropical Florida. We blessed with the best weather during this unusual cold winter. Almost every weekend it getting cooler and after it, the working week spoils us with sunshine and pleasant comfortable weather.

Yesterday, passing by the Dolphin Expressway, I spotted a mango tree, then another one, two more. Mango trees are blooming. Every backyard had a mango tree covered in light golden brown flowers. The actual yellow golden brown flowers are seldom noticed. The flowering mango bloom is shaped like a pyramid. From a little distance, the mango trees look amazing.

In three months we will see how the sunshine light and rain water, the magic air and soil will transfer the flowers in a sweet fruit.

But right now, one of the truly great benefits that we are receiving from any tree is the beauty they bring to our lives.

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