Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Library Value

This year major goal is all about strategic focus to demonstrate value for library communities of their users and servants.
Collaboration, partnership, connecting the resources and users are in the center of this goal objectives. Library professionals are masters of delivering what is on the library shelves, promoting throughout outreach programs not only the waist of library resources and services, but also are helping to connect the faculty with students throughout the practical hands-on library research assignments.
Study and learning process includes basic general educational skills such as reading, writing, problem solving, and learning to research. Library skills are lifelong skills that are in transition with new innovation technology of the 21st century. Today, library users have more choices to obtain carefully selected academic resources that reflecting the need to use them within chosen academic program in the repeatedly changing course curriculum.
Digital Natives are storming the colleges and universities, and the capital "E" is the place to be building up the value on the spending dollar today for tomorrow. The digital databases are not cheaper and must be carefully planned and evaluated, but the impact of accessibility of using them 24/7, the effectiveness of information and digital services, and efficient use of them in research papers are priceless.

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