Thursday, April 2, 2009

Library's Hero Story

An ordinary day at the library. Until..."Help!"
A student want to know what we have in our collection- everything about it, and he wants to know it... now!
Quickly, our library's hero springs into action.
With a push of the magic "red button" and in the blink of an eye our library's hero is transformed... into superhero,
Here she goes, the details of our entire collection. Charts, too!

Every library needs a hero, and every librarian can be it! Gain the super vision and lightning analytics to know your collections inside and out, you will be able to turn your collection into SUPER collection that it's super easy to use!

As we celebrating the National Library Week in April, let's celebrate our librarians that are making the most of the acquisitions budget with precise data that reveals the library's subject-matter strengths, gaps and overlaps. Let's celebrate the library staff that making the super change in collection development process and who are turning themselves into super heroes daily.

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